Migration and primary health care in the African context: a scoping review

Climighealth - Gulshan Khan

Population movement has become an important social determinant of health as it has been associated with many health risks. Migration may be due to many factors such as conflict, poverty, food insecurity, climate change, or disasters. Many of these factors are inter-related. In primary health care challenges may relate to changes in the burden of disease or workload because of migration. Health services are often ineffective at responding to the needs of migrants, particularly when they are foreigners with different languages, culture and unofficial or marginalized status. This becomes a real challenge to primary health care principles of health for all and health equity.

The current scoping review will determine the extent of the literature available on migration and primary health care in the African context. The scoping review will identify knowledge gaps and future research questions that can be addressed by the International Thematic Network on Climate Change, Migration and Health(care).



Stellenbosch University